Super Spicy Korean Noodles Buldak Bokkeum Outside

Instant Noodles here in South Korea are big business and they come in an almost surprising range of different sizes and flavors. One that’s famous more for it’s extreme level of spicy is Buldak Bokkeum (불닭볶음면) which translates as Super Spicy Stir-fried Chicken Ramyun and is produced by Samyang. It’s gained some hype / interest from around […]

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Modern Gazebo Cheongna Canal

This weeks Photo Wednesday was taken around Cheongna Canal, Incheon. It’s has the title suggests of a modern style Gazebo which has two different levels. Although now being used at the time the picture was taken, they are pretty popular during the summer months. The modern element is that it’s on two different levels, which […]

Energy Drinks in South Korea Banner

Energy Drinks have become big business over the past 10 years with companies such as Red Bull becoming huge billion dollar brands. However it’s only in the past few years that South Korea has allowed the sale of energy drinks. In fact back in 2010 Red Bull was still illegal. These days there are a […]

GOT7 Stop Stop It - Pose

Hello and welcome to this weeks Modern Seoul KPOP Song of the Week, the fourth for November 2014. Although there were a number of very interesting new releases this week, we’ve chosen the new release by GOT7. The song is titled “Stop Stop It” and it was released on Sunday November 16th. Since then the […]

I'm Beer - Cheongna Incheon Cream Beer

During the past couple of years here in South Korea there has been a growing trend of small pubs / bars which focus more on snacks and small meals as well as drinking beer. Often known as cream beer or draft beer bars they are popping up in most Korean cities and one we personally […]

K League Classic 2014 Round 37 November 22nd 2

The K League Classic moves into the 37th round of the season, the penultimate round of the season. At this stage of the season the top 6 and bottom 6 will play each other 1 more time. The top 6 are aiming for a top 3 Champions League place, Jeonbuk have already claimed the 2014 […]

Cheonggye Stream Fish Seoul

This weeks Photo Wednesday was taken at the Cheonggyecheon or Cheonggye Stream in Central Seoul. The photo shows a fish (we think a trout) in the stream. This is a slightly bigger than average sized fish from the stream, which surprisingly does have a pretty wide range of wildlife. As well as fish their are […]


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