Korean Pokemon Cards XY Primal Clash

Before we get started honestly we have very little knowledge of Pokemon Cards and current day Pokemon in general. We’ve played a couple of the earlier games in our school days and watched a bit of the anime. That being said these cards brought back some fond memories from about 15 years ago and we […]

Chicken Bus Cheongna Incheon front

Chicken Bus (칙킨 버스) is a fried chicken chain restaurant with locations throughout Seoul and South Korea in general. We’ve only visited the Cheongna branch so we’re going to focus on that location, although as a chain other branches should be similar. Fried chicken is extremely popular here in South Korea and you don’t have […]

Red Ginseng Gold Drink homeplus

Health, Energy and/or  Vitamin drinks are very popular here in South Korea and therefore is stands to reason that there would be a wide range of different options. One of the more popular for a range of different problems are Korean Red Ginseng Drinks. We went for the Homeplus Gold version (홍삼 골드), as it’s […]

Hwatongsam Korean Barbecue fire show

When you think of Korean food and Korean cooking one of your first thoughts might be barbecue. There is almost 1 barbecue place on every street here in South Korea with a range of specialties, from different meats to cooking styles. A popular restaurant chain here is Hwatongsam (화통삼), which has locations across the country […]

Buyeo Chestnut Makkoli front

With Spring just around the corner that means cherry blossom, hiking and enjoying a little makkoli outside. Of course there are many different types of Makkoli, however one that has been growing in popularity is Chestnut Makkoli. Here we have one called Buyeo Chestnut Makkoli (부여 알밤 생막걸리), Buyeo is the name of an ancient Korean kingdom […]

4Minute Crazy Dance Group

Hello and welcome to this weeks Modern Seoul KPOP Song of the Week, our first for March 2015. Although there were a number of interesting new releases recently, we’ve chosen the big new release from 4Minute. The song is titled “Crazy“ and it was released on Sunday February 8th. In that time it has been […]

Pork Galbi at Home packet

Sometimes we all lack a little free time and cooking sometimes takes a backseat to eating out or delivery food. However Homeplus currently offers a range of a different prepared food packs which only require cooking and limited preparation. Here we have a Pork Galbi (돼지 갈비), this simply is pork in a spicy Korean […]


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