K League Classic 2014 Round 33 October 26th

The K League Classic moves into the 33rd round of the season, and this is the final round before the end of season league split. After this round the top 6 and bottom 6 will play each other 1 more time. The top 6 are aiming for a top 3 Champions League place and of […]

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View over Seoul from National Museum of Korea

This weeks Photo Wednesday was take at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul. It is looking toward the Seoul Tower with some of Seoul’s mountains in the distance. This is a pretty nice little area of Seoul which is a little less densely built up and populated. It’s also a little more green and […]

KFA Korean FA Cup 2014 Semi Finals October 22nd

We’ve now reached the Semi Finals and all 4 of the remaining sides complete in the K League Classic. 2 currently in the race for the title and 2 in the relegation battle. South Korea like any footballing nation has an exciting cup. The FA Cup of Korea has been running since 1970 and has […]

VIXX Error - Banner

Hello and welcome to this weeks Modern Seoul KPOP Song of the Week, the third for October 2014. Although there were a number of very interesting new releases this week, we’ve chosen the new release by VIXX. The song is titled “Error” and it was released on Monday October 13th. Since then the video has […]

Songdo NC Cube Sign

One of the things that South Korea isn’t missing are Shopping Malls and shops in general. However they can range in quality, one of the better ones is the NC Cube Mall / Canal Walk Shopping Street in Songdo, Incheon. It is located close to Songdo Central Park. It has a number of benefits and […]

K League Classic 2014 Round 32 October 18th

The K League Classic moves into the 32nd round of the season, and with not much time left (2 games) in the main season (i.e. before the split) so every game is important. Also October is the final month of the main season. K League Classic League Table As there has now been 31 games […]

Giant Great White Shark - Cheongna Park Incheon

This weeks Photo Wednesday was take at Cheongna Central Park in Incheon. As the title suggests it’s of an oversize Great White Shark, it’s an interesting artistic display. It’s in a Moby Dick style with a fisherman in a small boat trying to get away or trying to catch the beast. It’s one of a […]


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