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Just a few stops down from Sadang Station (Subway Lines 2 & 4), just outside Seoul you will find Seoul Racecourse. This is Korea’s premier racecourse that holds the most valuable races such as the Korean Derby and is open most weekends throughout the year.

With entry costing a mere ₩1,200 (Cash or T-Money – Subject to Change) you might think that you wouldn’t get much for your money, however Seoul Racecourse has a few tricks up its sleeve. Firstly there are between 8 and 12 races per day so even if you come mid-afternoon you will still be able to catch some action. There are free guides in both Korean and English explaining how betting and racing works. But maybe a best asset is the Park area in the middle of the course. Featuring a small stable where you can see all types of horses close up, picnic areas, a horse racing simulator along with beautiful rose gardens there’s plenty to see and do.

Horse Racing and Gambling / Betting but no Drinking

In South Korea gambling (betting) is restricted and this is one of a few places that both Koreans and foreign nationals can gamble (bet). It is also worth noting that unlike other countries where drinking and betting go hand in hand, the sale of alcohol is not allowed at the racecourse.

Seoul Racecourse Horse Racing Live

Seoul Racecourse Horse Racing

Pictures from around the Park

Seoul Racecourse Grandstand Seoul Racecourse Finish Seoul Racecourse Garden Seoul Racecourse Waterfall

How to get there

The best way is by subway, Seoul Racecourse Park Station on line4 (경마공원역) is less than 25mins away from Gangnam and the same from Seoul Station.

For More Information & Schedules

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