Among the skyscrapers of Modern City Hall in Seoul you might be surprised to find a piece of zen paradise, but the Deoksu Palace provides a welcome break from the fast paced rat race of city hall.

Deoksu Palace is located just outside City Hall Station exit 2 or Seoul Plaza just cross the road. Deoksu Palace (덕수궁) has history dating back over 500years and unlike the other Seoul Grand palaces included more modern colonial buildings built during Japanese rule. The Palace was also home to the last Korean Emperor of the Joseon Dynasty “Sunjong” (융희제).

The palace includes a number of small gardens, fountains and statues. Also if you are lucky you might be treated to some free traditional music or dance, as local theatres often offer free demonstrations within the palace grounds.


Here is a Google map showing the location of Deoksu Palace:


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