Wherever you go you’re bound to see someone talking on an iphone, surfing the net on an ipad or listening to music on an ipod. But what do you do when your world collapses and your apple product has an error? Well if you live in or around Seoul you can visit the  at the Coex Mall near Gangnam in Seoul.

I recently had an issue with my ipod and worried I’d have to send it all the way back to England to get it fixed. However I thought I’d give the service center a go first to at least try and find out what the fault was. I arrived mid-morning to the Coex mall and easily found the service center using the interactive maps. After a short 5minute wait my number was called and with a little help from a Korean friend the knowledgeable member of staff checked my ipod over worked a little magic and joy, it was fixed. After which I waited for a bill or some kind of catch but nothing ever arrived.

So if you ever have an issue with your apple product I’d highly recommend at least trying the service center before resorting to other more expensive options.

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