Modern Seoul Magazine is happy to present it’s first in a series of useful, fun and interesting Korean phrases with English translation including pronunciation.

한국말로 하자! (han/gul/mal/lo ha/ja!) – Let’s speak Korean!

놀리냐? (nawl/lee/nyah) – Are you making fun of me?

이해할 수 가 없었어 (ee/hae/hal su ga erps/ers/er) – I couldn’t understand.

이 노래 알아요? (ee noh/rae ahr/ah/yo?) –You know this song?

나 갔어 (nah gahs/so) – I’m Wasted.

We hope that these phrases prove useful and that maybe you can use them at some point this weekend or in the future. If you have any requests for either phrases or topics please email: .