Modern Seoul Magazine wants to help you learn some Korean Vocabulary by linking them to some of this week’s news headlines from both here in Korea and elsewhere.

정전 (jong/jon) – Power Cut: Towards the end of this week Seoul and the surrounding area experienced rolling power cuts. English Chosun Link

습기 있는 (serg/gee ees/nern) – Humid: The heat wave continues here in Korea with temperatures in Seoul reaching the 30c mark (low 90f). Korean Herald Link

부서진(boo/so/jin) – Broken: Links nicely to our own article about the Apple Service Center at Coex mall in Seoul. Modern Seoul Link

세금 (sae/germ) – Tax: This week popular entertainer Kang Ho-Dong (강호동) hit the headlines as he is suspected of not fully paying his taxes and has since retired. Korean Times Link

테니스 (ten/nis/er) – Tennis: This weekend the Seoul Open tennis championships started, matches are being played at the Olympic Complex in Jamsil. Hansol Open Website

I hope you’ve learned something new and check back next week for another lesson.

(Modern Seoul Magazine)