If you are unfamiliar with Seoul the area of Itaewon (or America Town) is the main western area in the city. There are literally 100’s of bars and restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets. However it can be difficult to choose where to go if you’re not a regular to the area.

Gecko’s Terrace is a chain of 3 bars and restaurants, all located in the center of the Itaewon area. In my opinion you should check out the Bonji Bistro if you’re looking for a good menu at a reasonable price before hitting the town. They have a wide range of western and oriental food and all around the W16,000 price mark (pictures below). They also have a variety of different beers and cocktails to get the conversation flowing on a date or the party started on a night out.

You’re only down the road from the infamous sports bars of Itaewon if you’re looking for your next stop. For directions check out their website: http://www.geckosterrace.com/terrace_english/