Gangnam Cat Cafe

One thing many westerns miss from home is their pets, and sadly due to many different reasons many cannot own their own whilst living in Korea. However if you enjoy the company of a furry feline friend then maybe the Cat Café in the Gangnam area of Seoul is worth checking out.


Maybe you have seen the person dressed in the cat costume on the main street in the middle of Gangnam, well if you follow the arrow you will find to the Cat Café (Map Below). The prices are a little more than at other coffee shops (but only by around W1000), however this place is more about the atmosphere and catty environment than the coffee.

There are more cats than I could count I’d estimate around 14 however a new one seemed to appear every few minutes so it’s hard to be sure.  The staff members have a solid knowledge of English and Korean, and the welfare of the cats is their number one priority which is great. In my opinion it’s a novel  way to spend an hour of your day and also a good way to spend time with cats.


Sorry about the quality of the photo’s, I had to use my phone.

Location & Finally

There are a handful of Cat Cafes in the Gangnam area, and from what we can tell they are all pretty similar. Here is the rough location of the one we visited, the map isn’t a perfect match but it’s the right area. Also normally there is someone in a costume on the main road pointing a sign towards it:

Have a purrfect day and thank you for stopping by.

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