Yes it is true, there is a quality Brazilian Steak Restaurant where you eat until you can’t eat anymore with the added bonus of a bottomless beer glass right here in modern Seoul. The place is called Sao Paolo Steakhouse and is a great place to get your meat fix.

What’s the catch? Well the price is not low at between ₩30,000 & ₩40,000 per person depending when you go, however the quality is high and the service is quick and very professional. The beer is regular Cass but is only ₩6,000 for as much as you like.The selection of meats provided is wide from regular beef steak to chicken legs to chicken hearts. They also provide a number of tasty side dishes.

It is located about 150m away from exit 14 at Seoul National University of Education Station in Gangnam, Seoul. If you love meat this is well worth checking out.