Here are some of this week’s top news headlines linked to some Korean Vocabulary. Enjoy:

사과 – sa / gwa – Apple: Sadly the man who gave us the iPhone, iPod and iPad and fronted the Apple Computers regeneration Steve Jobs, pasted away this week aged 56. Daily Mail Link

불꽃 – bul / ggohk – Firework: This weekend of the Seoul Fireworks festival which lit up the Han River last night. Arirang News Link

전복 – jon / bog – Overturned: Amanda Knox has had her murder conviction overturned this week in an Italian court; she has since return to the USA. Washington Post Link

파리 – pa / ri  – Paris: This week saw the start of the famous Paris Fashion Week, featuring many of the world’s top designers. The Globe and Mail Link

전쟁 – jon / jaeng  – War: It’s now been over 10 years since the start of the war in Afghanistan, and with 100,000 American troops still stationed there. It seems like it will continue for years to come. Sydney Morning Herald Link

I hope you’ve learnt something new and check back next week for another lesson and some more news headlines.

(Modern Seoul Magazine)