There are possibly 100s of the different ways of learning any new language and it’s a completely different situation for every learner. However in my opinion these are the three best options.

Firstly there is the book approach. This tried and tested method has a reasonable success rate however the main pitfall is the fact that generally the learner is studying alone and therefore can motivation whilst studying. There is also the question of where to start and which book to use, do you use a book aimed at Westerns or do you get a book aimed at young Korean’s. In my experience the latter is better option when studying reading and writing because it eases you though the Korean language rather than the more crash course style you can find in Western focused books. Also they are cheaper at around W6000 compared to around W15000.

The second approach is taking a course. This overall is the best way to learn Korean correctly and quickly as well as possibly earning a qualification at the end of the course. The main down sides are the time commitment and also the cost, a good course doesn’t come cheap however prices range depending on where you are learning and the type of course.

The final recommended approach to learning Korean in Korea is by language exchange, either 1 on 1 or in a group. The obvious problem can be that the other person either can’t teach very well or just wants to learn English from you and has little interest in returning the favour. However it’s a good way of making friends and learning a little conversational Korean is never a bad thing.

I hope you can use one of these approaches to start learning Korean.