Modern Seoul Sushi

Cheap all you can eat Sushi sometimes can be risky either can spend the next day sat on the toilet or all you get it a piece of tuna on some rice. However this place doesn’t provide either bad scenario, the range of food it large and the quality is good with the added bonus of a ₩14,900 price tag.

Suwon Sushi 7

Firstly the negatives, this place is located in Suwon not Seoul so you have to travel. Suwon is a beautiful city with a few nice temples and the famous Hwaseong fortress so you can make a day of it. Secondly there is a 90minute time limit, but extra time is not expensive. Lastly it can be busy at peak times.

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Now on to the positives, the range of food is fantastic, they of course have an endless supply of Sushi traveling past on the food belt which is all very interesting and delicious. Plus they very a range of cooked food, a salad bar, fruit and ice cream, which is all included in the ₩14,900 price.  There is all you can drink beer (again limited to 90minutes) for only ₩3,000 and free unlimited refills on soda’s, water and coffee.

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The service is great and everything is very clean and well run, as already mentioned it is located in Suwon near Suwon station exit 4 basically next to Tom & Toms Coffee and Paris Baguette also it’s in the basement level. Here is a Google maps link roughly outlining where it is, however look for the sign outside.

If you have any questions, comments or anything else, just let us know.

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