Modern Seoul Magazine wants to help you learn some Korean Vocabulary by linking them to some of this week’s news headlines from both here in Korea and elsewhere.

지진 (Jee / Jin ) – Earthquake: The 2011 Van earthquake was a destructive magnitude 7.2M earthquake that struck eastern Turkey near the city of Van, with as many as 1000 people feared dead. Herald Sun Link

대령 (Dae / Lyeong ) – Colonel: Former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi died in his hometown of Sirte during the Libyan Civil War. San Fransisco Chronicle Link

맨체스터 (Man / Ches / Ter) – Manchester: The Manchester ended in an astonishing 6-1 victory for Manchester City over rivals Manchester Utd, with goals from Balotelli x2, Aguero, Dzeko x2 and Silva. Link

창문 (Chang  / Moon) – Windows: The iconic 63 building in Seoul is getting a makeover with the replacement of 14,000 windows. Korean Times Link

공포 (Gong / Poh) – Horror: Paranormal Activity 3 set records for highest grossing October release and highest opening for a horror movie. It took around $51million. BBC News Link

I hope you’ve learnt something new and check back soon for another lesson.

(Modern Seoul Magazine)