Baby Guinness 7

Having traveled half way around the world from home sometimes you have a craving that Korean food cannot answer. For me that was Fish & Chips, therefore I traveled into Itaewon, Seoul on a very British rainy Saturday afternoon to get my fix.

I went to Baby Guinness which is a pub / restaurant located opposite Sam Ryan’s as I heard it was a top place to go and maybe has the best fish and chips in Seoul (maybe Korea). I wasn’t disappointed, of course it wasn’t the same as back home but it comes a close second, the meal was of a high standard and very tasty for only ₩12,000 (may change) which for Seoul is a good deal. Also there are not many things better in this world then sitting in a pub drinking a pint of beer and eating some good food whilst it’s raining outside.


Here are the Fish & Chips in all of their glory, as well as a few other shots.

Baby Guinness Fish and Chips Itaewon 8

Baby Guinness Fish and Chips Itaewon 9

Baby Guinness 6


Baby Guinness 5

Inside Baby Guinness

As you can see from the pictures, Baby Guinness is a small but cosy place, with an English / Irish pub feel to it. With a number of different beers on tap.

Baby Guinness Pub 4

BabyGuinness 2

I would highly recommend trying out the food and drinks selection here; it’s of a high standard. Also the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable.

I have since read in a few other places that people didn’t like it here and felt disappointed, however this place is part restaurant and part bar, so at the end of the day if you want big screen TVs, loud music, lots of people and cheap pints then go across the road to Sam Ryan’s but if you want some nice fish & chips, and a relaxed atmosphere come to Baby Guinness. I guess it’s a case of “different strokes for different folks”.


The location is roughly here:

It’s located opposite Sam Ryan’s Pub, basically take Itaewon Station Exit 1 and turn right after KFC. Then walk to the end of the street and turn left, head around 100meters until you reach a crossroads and Baby Guinness is on your left.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know.

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