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Any one who has lived in and even visited South Korea will have come across the alcoholic drink Soju (소주). With a history dating back more than 700years the drink has changed and developed over the years quiet a lot. With a strong dry taste similar to Vodka it is mainly consumed by Korean men in its more traditional form.

With an average percentage similar to a strong wine (around 19%), in my opinion its quiet strange the strong and often embarrassing results it causes to the drinker. Having spent a few years now in Korea I’ve drunk plenty of Soju in my time and I have to admit it is strong than you expect and also can cause a pretty painful hangover the next morning if not treated with respect.

TV Adverts / Commercials:

Here is an ad for Charm Soju (feat Son Dam Bi):

A Classic 1959 advert for Jinro Soju:

A 2011 Jinro Fresh Advert:

A recent 2012 Advert feat Ha Ji Won:

With a price tag starting at ₩900 (around $1)  for a 330cc 19% proof bottle and rising to prices similar to luxury wines and whiskey, and available from every corner shop, mart and supermarket there’s a Soju for everyone.

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