Just around the corner from Anyang station you can find Anyang Central Market. Unlike many of the markets in Seoul which are focused on selling souvenirs or “designer” products, Anyang Central Market is frequented mainly by locals doing there day to day shopping, bargain hunting or just having lunch.

Ginseng at Anyang Market
Dok at Anyang Market

When I visited a few weeks ago, I found bags of oranges sold for only W5000 as well as bananas, apples and other assorted fruits and vegetables at similar prices. Meat, fish and other seafood products all very fresh and at prices which match or beat the local supermarkets which came as a surprise. There were also a range of other shops selling the usual Korean favorites such as Dok, Fluffy Pajamas, Blankets and other housewares.

There is also street food for sale, here is a selection:

Sundae at Anyang Market
Dokbogi at Anyang Market