When I speak to friends and family back home I often hear the comment “I wish I could travel” or “I’d like to visit Korea one day.” To these comments I say “Way not?” I my opinion there are 3 main ways of visiting South Korea, and at least one should apply for most people. Here is a brief overview of the options:

1-      Tourist

This is the most obvious option, traveling the world of not difficult with flights available at the click of a mouse. The costs of visiting Korea don’t vary much on time of year however it is more expensive around holidays such as Chuseok and the lunar new year. Return flights from Europe cost around £650 and from North America cost around $900 sometimes more sometimes less (shop around). Hotels in Seoul start at W30,000 per night and travel on both buses and trains is reasonable, however flying can be expensive. Most Europeans and Americans are given a 3 month visas while Canadians get 6 month visas upon arrival.

2-      Work

Working is another way of seeing Korea whilst making some cash. Teaching is the most common vocation for English speakers, with only a degree and clean criminal record required. Teaching also comes with return flights, accommodation and insurance all included so you don’t have to save for months in order to travel. I will say from personal experience it’s not the easiest job in the world, but W2,200,000 a month (£1300 or $2000) is pretty good.

Other than teaching others work in the technology sector, construction and many other vocations.

3-      Study / Student

The final option is to study, Korea has some of the leading universities in Asia and fees on average are 75% less than the USA and 50% less than the UK (depending on course and university) Roughly W1,600,000 per semester (£1000 or $1600). The cost of living for a student is often less with student accommodation costing from W360,000 per month (£200 or $320). Many courses which are in English and there are a range of courses studying Korean and Korean Culture/History.

If there are any questions on visiting Korea please email or comment below.