It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these however good things come to those who wait; here are some of the biggest news stories from the past week with some Korean Vocabulary. For more information please click on the links and enjoy:

어는 ( Oh / Noon ) – Freezing: The past few days have seen record low temperatures in Seoul, the lowest point has been -17.1c which is the lowest in 55 years.  Korean Times Link

페이 스북 ( Face / Book ) – Facebook: Shares in the world’s most popular social networking site are due to be floated, so anyone can own a piece of Facebook but is really worth $5billion. Inquirer Link

폭동 ( Pog / Dong ) – Riot: More than 70 people have died after a riot at a football (soccer) match turned ugly in the city of Port Said in Egypt. BBC News Link

삼성 ( Sam / Sung ) – Samsung: A court in Germany has rejected Apples case to have Samsung devices banned as the low running feud continues. Wall Street Journal Link

슈퍼볼  (Syu / Peo / Bol ) – Super Bowl: The biggest day of the football year is coming up this Sunday as the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots in Indianapolis at Super Bowl XLVI. Washington Post Link

I hope you’ve learnt something new and please come back soon.

(Modern Seoul Magazine)