After another bitterly cold week in Seoul it’s finally Saturday and you can sit back, relax and check out some of the past weeks top news stories with some Korean Vocabulary. For more information please click on the links and enjoy:

아이 패드 ( I / Pad ) – iPad: It has been rumored that the iPad 3 could have its launch as soon as the first week of march, geeks and techheads worldwide are preparing to camp out in order to pick one up. LA Times Link

탄생 ( Tan / Saeng ) – Birth: President Obama announced a plan today that attempts to accommodate certain religious employers opposed to a rule that would require them to provide access to birth control for women free of charge. USA Today Link

폭력 ( Pog / Lyeog ) – Violence: New violence in the troubled middle eastern nation of Syria has left more than 28 people dead. Wall Street Journal Link

손가락 ( Son / Ga / Lag ) – Finger: A week after the super bowl the main talking point hasn’t arisen from the actual game but from M.I.A’s middle finger gesture during the half time show. E! Online Link

레이디 가가 (Lady – Ga / Ga ) – Lady Gaga: The global superstar Lady Gaga announced that her world tour would kick-off at the Olympic stadium in Seoul on April 27th. Korean Herald Link

Thank you for checking out the latest news with Korean. I hope you’ve learnt something new and please come back soon.

(Modern Seoul Magazine)