When living in a strange and often alien country there are many things that you miss from home from the obvious friends and family to little things such as carpeted floors. Upon arriving in Korea for the first time 2 and a half years ago I was pleasantly surprised by the number of everyday as well as luxury western products you can buy at Homeplus, Emart or elsewhere. But still sadly there are a few things that are just not the same and I wish where either more readily available (not just at Costco or 10x the price foreign food shop) or at least anywhere.

The List

These are the 5 things I long for when living in South Korea:

5 – John Smith’s Extra Smooth:

I like Korea Beers however a nice cool pint of John Smith’s after a long week is sadly missed.

4 – Red Bull:

I have seen a few local options but not the real deal. *September 2012 update: Red Bull is now available in select stores in South Korea*

3 – Hot Cross Buns:

An Easter / lent favorite which I haven’t yet found in Seoul.

2 – Cadbury’s Chocolate:

I’ve found Hershey’s chocolate in Korea doesn’t quite have the sugar and chocolate content I’m looking for. There Cadbury’s is a must.

1 – “Real” Cheese:

The processed cheese in South Korea is OK on pizza or pasta but doesn’t match a nice piece of English Cheddar.

I know these things are not massively important but we all love to dream. I know these things are personal what would you add?

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