Living and/or working in Korea for a foreigner can be hard because of numerous reasons, but one major issue can be the language barrier. Korean is one of the most difficult languages for an English speaker to learn (accord to this BBC Article). So here are a few expressions to help you out:

1) I’ll finish soon. – 금방 끝낼게.   Geum/ Bang Kkeut/ Nael/ Gae

2) May I go? – 저 가도 돼요?    Jo Ga/ Do Dwae/ Yo?

3) Have you eaten? –  식사는 했나요?     Sig/ Sa/ Nun Haess/ Na/ Yo?

4) You know what I mean? – 내 말이 무슨 뜻인지 아시죠?    Nae Mal/ E Mu/ soun Deus/ In /Ji Ah/ Si/ Jyo?

5) The snow makes me dizzy. – 눈이 나를 어지럽게 해요.    Nun/ E Na/ Leul O/ Ji/ Leob/ Gae Hae/ Yo.

Thank you and see you again soon.

(Modern Seoul Magazine)