When living somewhere new and different there are plenty of things that you can’t believe you ever lived without and others which you wish had never entered your life. Here are my top 5 things that I love about living in South Korea and top 5 things that I hate about living in South Korea.


1: Public Transport: It’s cheap, safe and reliable. Never take a bus back home but in Korea would do it over driving.
2: Bangs; PC Bangs, Norae Bangs whatever they’re all fun.
3: Kimchi & Soju (after a while); both of these staples of Korean life certainly take a little getting used to but there comes a time when your hooked.
4: Food; I for one love Korean food from the W1000 noodles to the fancy galbi it’s all great.
5: Hanboks; I personally don’t own one but would love to. The national dress of Korea sums Korea up nicely, simple but cool.


1: Mosquitos: There just bigger, louder and just simple worse than anywhere else I’ve been.
2: Winter Weather; It’s bitterly cold, icy and the snow just becomes ice after an hour or two.
3: Kimchi & Soju (1st Time); the first time you try either of these Korean favorites (if your like me) you think yuk or ouch fire. They get better but the 1st time is not fun.
4: Konglish; simply put it makes a teachers job more difficult.
5: North Korea; because you just never know what they might do.

There are plenty of other things but these are mine. Thank you for your time.

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