Many things tie the Korean and Chinese cultures together from the language base to the food and more recently trade and improving political alliances. It’s also the most popular place from Korean to study aboard with more Korean university students studying in China than any other country. There are many areas of Korea with large Chinese and Han Chinese populations but one of the most interesting (in my opinion) is the Incheon China Town area. It may be small but full of a lot of character and warmth.


Getting there is quiet simple, you just take the line 1 subway to Incheon Station (인천역) which is not hard to miss as it’s the last station on the line.

You’re greeted outside the station by a big Chinese (unsurprisingly) Style Stone gate, and up the hill from this gate a small area full of small stores, restaurants and motels.

To See and Buy

Everything in the area is a little different from other parts of Incheon and Korea in general. It’s not quiet Chinese and seems a little staged, but is nice none the less.

One of the main attractions is the Chinese Mural wall which displays many different images from Chinese History. Sadly the information is all in Chinese or Korea and the only part which is in English explain a little but does contain a few errors.

Can you spot the mistake??

The Food

The restaurants in this area are in Korea from being some of the best places to find quality and authentic Chinese cuisine. As the picture below shows this area has some of the best Jajangmyeon “짜장면” (Chinese Black Noodles) in Korea, as well as all of the other famous Chinese dishes. For more information on the food here please check this out: “Lunch in Incheon Chinatown

If you’re ever in Incheon and have a spare few hours China Town is worth checking out.

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