Has it’s been almost a month since the last news/vocabulary post I thought I’d take a few minutes out of enjoying this beautiful Spring Saturday Seoul weather. Here goes:

로켓 ( Ro / Kaes ) – Rocket: As you possibly already know the North Korean “Rocket” not missile test failed yesterday morning, maybe next time they’ll spend the money on food or something useful. USA Today Link

경마 ( Gyeong / Ma ) – Horse Racing: The Aintree Grand National is set for this Saturday with a full 40 horse field set to race for one of the oldest and most famous prizes in horse racing. BBC Sport Link

Plus if you’re interested in watching horse racing in Korea Click Here for Modern Seoul Link

종사하는 ( Jong / Sa / Ha / Nern ) – Engaged: Maybe the world most famous couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have confirmed that they are engaged. They have been together for 7years. No date has been set. MTV UK Link

컴퓨터 ( Kom / Pyou / Ter ) – Computer: The worlds cheapest computer the Raspberry Pi, which costs just £22 (W38,000) and was designed by a Cambridge-based charity has been released. Telegraph Online Link

화산 ( Hwa / San ) – Volcano: Mount Etna (Italy) has erupted for the 3 time this month with spectacular results. Daily Mail Online Link

I hope you’ve learnt something new and please come back soon.

(Modern Seoul Magazine)