As Spring is here and all the flowers are now in full bloom now is a great time to take in what nature has to offer. This is often a little difficult in Seoul where huge 20 story+ apartment blocks and office buildings go on for as far as the eye can see. However just south of the river we have Yeouido Park, which is in the Yeouido area of Seoul. Yeouido is in fact a small island hence the do (도 – which means island in Korean) on the end.

Yeouido Park is located on the edge of the Yeouido area right next to the river. There is a main square towards the south of the park where you can rent bicycles and Tandem bikes, as well as smaller pedal cars for kids. If you head north though the park you come across small grassy areas, woods and even a few ponds.

The park also has a few convenient stores so you can buy snacks & drinks for a small park style picnic, plus around the park there are numerous restaurants and cafes which offer good lunch time deals.

The flora and fauna in the park is varied which countless different flowers and trees, in a wide range of colors which contrast the soulless office buildings which surround the park. The downside however is that the wildlife in the park is limited to pigeons and a few ducks on the ponds.

There are also a few small statues around the park, the main one being of the famous King Sejong the Great (1397-1450) he can also be seen on the W10,000 banknote.

King Sejong the Great Statue

The park is very popular at weekend and so also pretty crowded so visit early to beat the crowds or try (like me) visiting on a peaceful weekday afternoon. Also this is one of the main places people like to visit for the cherry blossom festival.

Yeouido Park sign showing the different Rules and Fines

How To Get There:

* From Exit # 1 of Yeouinaru Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 5)
walk 10 minutes towards SBS TV Station.
* From Exit # 3 of Yeouido Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), walk 5 minutes
towards the National Assembly building.

Yeouido Park Cherry Blossom Tree

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