After four years of construction the new Incheon Football Stadium (Sungui Arena Park) located in Western Incheon, South Korea opened for the first time on the 11th of March. This stadium has replaced the larger World Cup Stadium found at the Munhak Sports Complex, and unlike the Munhak Stadium is Football (or soccer) specific. The main reason for the stadium being built, is to used during the 2014 Asian Games (hosting Football / Soccer Games). The main benefit of this stadium being football specific is that you are closer to the pitch was develops a stronger atmosphere within the ground.

The Incheon Football Stadium (Sungui Arena Park) has a maximum capacity of 20,891 which is divided into 4 areas North, South, East and West. The tickets cost between ₩12000 and ₩8000 for the East and West stands (depending on the game and where you want to sit) and between ₩8000 and ₩6000 for the North and South Stands. *Prices current for the 2012 Season*

Incheon Football Stadium – South Stand

This is the South Stand where the most passionate and noisy fans sit and stand. The stand as a standing only area is a little strange in a new stadium but its great place for those fans to stand and support Incheon United.

Incheon Football Stadium – North Stand (behind the goal)

The is the North Stand, where is away fans sit as well as some home fans. Behind this area is a small playground and mini-football pitch for kids, which is good news for families with kids who can’t sit and watch a game for the full 90minutes.

Incheon Football Stadium – West Stand

This is the West Stand which houses the VIP and corporate areas as well as the changing room etc.

We where siting in the East stand and so didn’t get a picture of it, however it is similar to the West stand in size but without the VIP areas.

There are fast food outlets, plenty of restrooms, as well as convenience stores selling snacks and beers (less than W3000 each). Located in all 4 stands.

How to Get there:

The easiest way is by subway, the stadium is located next to DoWon Station도원 (Line 1). Just take exit 1 and the stadium will be right in-front of you.

There are also a number of buses, just go to DoWon Station. Car parking is also available.

For More Information & 2013 Fixtures

Firstly our Incheon United Guide / Preview from 2013 can be found here: Incheon United 2013  it includes current ticket details, fixtures, key players and event links. Secondly here are the 2014 K League Classic Fixtures:

Incheon United 2014 Fixtures in English

PDF Files and More Information can be found here


Incheon United Stadium Info” – This link has a map of the stadium area as well as an interactive stadium guide which shows the view from the different seats in the stadium. (Korean)

Ticket Pricing” – This link shows information on ticketing. (Korean)

Incheon United @ Soccerway” – This link provides the latest results and fixtures for Incheon United, as well as the rest of the K-League.


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