When you think about online shopping there are some big names that will come to mind first, Amazon, eBay, Play.com and many more. However if you are living in South Korea then these big name options are not easily available, so where do you go? Well the answer for many people is Gmarket. Gmarket is similar to eBay (without the auctioning) or Amazon Marketplace. Many different companies list there items on the site and you then pay via the Gmarket payment system for the items you wish to buy.

But I don’t speak/read Korean? That isn’t a major issue as Gmarket is partly in English and the parts that are not are translatable via their software. So it is easy (ish) to navigate. You can also use foreign credit cards and write your address in English without any extra fees or hassle.

Here are a few examples of items that I have bought off Gmarket during the past month:

Canon All-in-One Printer

This all-in-one Canon Pixma MP258 printer which set me back ₩50,600 and included the paper, all the cables, inks and delivery. Plus the instructions are in English and Korean, which is very useful. The printer itself works like a dream and enables me to be able to print document, classroom materials etc from home, which is a real time-saver.

Korean Style Home Office Desk

Next we have this Korean Style desk, which only cost ₩26,900. It’s Korean style because it low to the ground however there were Western style desks for a similar price also available, however because I’m lazy I like to sit on the ground. The desk came a IKEA style flat-pack, but only took 30mins to put together and everything needed to build it was included.

Mexican & Butter Toffee Ground Coffee plus Filters

Finally we have this fresh ground coffee for only ₩14,300. In Korea coffee it available everywhere, however finding good quality, cheap ground coffee is not easy to source. These from Gmarket are my coffee makers best friends.

If you wish to check out Gmarket for your self’s click here: http://english.gmarket.co.kr/