As I had some free time the other day I thought that I would check out the local Yeokgok Market, as its close to where I work. I’ve seen it a number of times either in the distance or out of the window of the number 10 bus but never taken the time to check out what it had to offer. Like most westerns I find dealing with Homeplus or other major supermarkets easier than the face-to-face style of a traditional Korean market.

Bread from Sale at Yeokgok Market

Yeokgok market is small in comparison to other markets in either Bucheon or neighboring Seoul. However its also not as busy as other market, which is a positive because it makes looking around the stalls and asking questions in broken Korean a lot easier to do.

Different Rices for Sale

Due to the size and limit range of stalls, I wouldn’t suggest traveling out of your way to visit Yeokgok Market, however if you live/work in the area or close by it is well worth a quick look.

Many different household items for sale

How to get there:

Go to Yeokgok Station (역곡역) Subway Line 1, then take exit 1, cross the road and turn right and it’s around 50meters on your left.

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