This is a follow up to “Incheon China Town, South Korea – A Slice of China in Korea“, one the thing that makes the Incheon Chinatown so famous is the food. The food is considered to be some of the best Chinese food you can find in Korea with a number of restaurants being featured on Korean TV in the past.

We chose the restaurant just left of the white steps leading to the mountain, as it is hard to tell from the other side which place to choose. This turned out to be a lucky move as the food was fantastic. Restaurant was half full and so there where plenty of tables, however I feel this was due to the fact it was a Wednesday afternoon and therefore at the weekend it maybe a little more difficult to get a table. The menu was vast with every kind of Chinese dish you can image from Sharkfin Soup to Abalone, sadly both of those where a little out of our price range (around the W100,000 mark), so we opted for some options around the W10,000 price tag.

Seafood Fried Rice
Some Octopus from the spicy seafood soup

Firstly here is a Seafood fried rice dish; this was maybe the best fried rice I’ve ever had, the rice was fresh and cooked perfectly and the seasoning was bang on. The seafood was done to perfection and almost melted in your mouth. To sum up, it was well worth the W10,000 price tag. To make it even better there was a small bowl of spicy seafood soup which came with the main dish.

Jajangmyeon – Chinese Black Noodles

Secondly we had the famous Jajangmyeon “짜장면” (Chinese Black Noodles); this cost W8,000 a little more than you would normally pay, however it was well worth it. The quality of the sauce and noddles was first rate and it wasn’t to sticky or oily which they sometimes can be.

Big Bottle of Tsingtao Chinese Beer

There is also a range of different drinks, we went for this big bottle of Tsingtao. Which completed our meal perfectly.

If your in the Incheon area you should check out the Chinatown and get a bite to eat whilst your there, you won’t regret it.

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