South Korea is a country of which 80% is either hills or mountains which means that farming is a true labor of love. The difficult geography is helped by the climate which is very cold in the winter and very hot and wet in the summer. However South Korean farmers have prevailed and some have even diversified into tourism by showing people (mainly Kindergarten groups) around their farms for a minimal fee.

A flowering crop next to a mountain
A small forest next to the farm

I personally visited a farm in Yongin-Si, Gyeonggi-Do close to Everland Resort called the “Yongin Recreational Forest”. It was quiet small but most Korean farms are, there were a number of different animals: Cows, Horses, Goats, Dogs and even Rabbits. Something just of kids where the pony rides which gave everyone a good reason to be stereotypical and take plenty of pictures. There was a small forest with a few small examples of traditional mushroom farming as well as native Korean bugs. On a plus side there was plenty of bathrooms and a nice picnic area. The costs are low W2,000 for Adults, W1,000 for Teenagers and W600 for Kids under 13.

A friendly horse
South Korean Puppy, very cute
A Noisy Cow

I would recommend sampling the rural Korean life, but only for a few hours after that its nice to be back to somewhere with WiFi and a strong 3G signal 🙂

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