Once again time travels have led me to Incheon and this time it’s the Sinpo International Market which has attracted my attention. The market is famous mainly for it fried chicken and other foods but it is also close to the Incheon China Town and port, therefore  the range of items on sale in the market itself is more varied then you’d normally find plus there are numerous interesting shops, restaurants and bars doted around the area.

The Market: The market itself is smaller than I expected but as I mentioned before as a wide range of stalls selling assorted items. In my opinion the main reason for visiting the Sinpo Market is the food, there are a number of small restaurants and food-stands all selling low price but fantastic tasting foods. If you live in the area or close by you might also wish to buy some fresh produce, meat and/or fish, as the market has a good selection.

A range of different seafood’s
Mandoo & Other Foods/Snacks
Green, Yellow and White Dok Bread

The Sinpo Area: The area around the market is quiet different than others in Korea, the layout is more old fashioned and the buildings are never more than a few stories high, which in my opinion adds to its charm. There are a number of small local restaurants, coffee shops and even later in the evening bars which offer some fantastic food and drink. Also there is a massive underground shopping mall which stretches all the way from the subway station to the market area. The Incheon China town is also less than a 20min walk west of the market.

A building displaying different Korean Themes and Stories
A Russian Bar

How To Get There: The best way is the take the subway to Dong-Incheon Station (동인천역). The market is around a 10min / 500m walk south, just take Exit 2. You can either walk along the street or though the underground shopping mall. There are a number of buses which operate in the area.

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