This is a follow up to our recent article about “Sinpo International Market & Sinpo Area – Incheon, South Korea“. One of the main reasons to visit Sinpo Market in Incheon, South Korea is the signature dish of Dakgangjeong (닥강정). Dakgangjeong (닥강정) is a fried chicken dish covered in a sticky, sweet and spicy red sauce and topped with pepper and peanuts.


The Famous Dakgangjeong (닥강정)
Dakgangjeong (닥강정) being Cooked at Sinpo Market Incheon

Why Sinpo?

You can buy Dakgangjeong (닥강정) anywhere, however if you want the best you should make a trip to the Sinpo Market in Incheon. As you can see from the picture below the price for one Dakgangjeong fried chicken meal is ₩10,000 and the same it you want it plain (i.e. not spicy) and ₩15,000 for a large serving. Can be also buy a range of the normal drinks Beer, Soda, Water etc. Personal I love Dakgangjeong and would highly recommend that anyone heads down to Sinpo Market to grab a bite. The restaurant we went to also offers a take-away opinion and they could understand basic English (although they couldn’t speak it).

Menu at Dakgangjeong Restaurant Sinpo Market


많이 드세요 (Bon appetit) and if you have any question or comments feel free to let us know.

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