As we are now in summer time here in South Korea, a popular hikers and summertime meal is Ojingeo Buchimgae or Ojingeo Jeon – Fried Korean Squid Pancakes. With 100’s of miles of coastline South Korea is awash with various different types of seafood and fish.  Ranging from the everyday to the more weird and more exotic.  Buchimgae (부침개) or Jeon (전) basically refers to a large pancake filled with vegetables a well as meat or seafood and anything else you have.

How to Make:

A Good sized Korean “Chocolate” Squid

The first thing you need is a good sized squid, I used a darker colored chocolate squid. You also need some vegetables; onion, spring onion, sesame leaf and carrot work best but it depends on personal tastes.

Removing the insides and the bone from the Squid

Next you should remove the insides, beak and the thin bone from the squid. Most places will do this for you if you ask.

Ojingeo Buchimgae – Squid Pancake Batter ready to cook

Now slice the squid and all of your vegetables and mix into a flour batter. Then pour some of the mixture into a frying pan and fry until brown and cooked.

Ojingeo Buchimgae is best with Soy Sauce

Ojingeo Buchimgae is best eaten by dipping into soy sauce.

Makgeolli – Korean Rice Wine

Makgeolli (Makkoli) is the best and most popular drink to go with Ojingeo Buchimgae, you often see hiker drinking it out of bowls which may look strange but it is great fun to try.

More Information

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Here is a video showing how to make Kimchi Buchimgae, just remove the Kimchi and add Squid as the process is the same.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your 오징어 전.

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