In South Korea there are many famous national dishes from Kimchi to Bibimbap to Kimbop and then you have Galbi. Galbi is beef (normally from the ribs) marinated soy sauce and it ranges in price from the everyday ₩10,000 to the luxury ₩200,000+. But what if you don’t want Galbi you some Pork or bacon or roast duck or steak or many other meat dishes. Well the answer in Seoul and most other cities in Korea is Kogi King, for less than ₩17,000 per person you can eat until you can’t eat no more. It’s a simple concept by it works. The only down side the Kogi King is that the meats can be at times a little lacking in flavor and are not the best cuts, however I feel for the price that is to be expected.

Pictures from Kogi King

A range of different meats
Meat Meat Meat!
And some more meat
Some side dishes for your meat

Here we have pictures of the different meats all on display as well as some tasty side dishes.

A feast fit for a king

A full table at Kogi King

The table full of side dishes, meats and drinks. The non-stick grill is a pleasant addition.

Some Meat and Onion on the Grill

Updated Pictures from late 2013 ~ Early 2014

Kogi King Korea 2014 (1) Kogi King Korea 2014 (2) Kogi King Korea 2014 (3) Kogi King Korea 2014


For more information about Kogi King you can check out there website:  (Korean) – When it’s working


Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please let us know. Also we hope that you and enjoy your meat 🙂

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