Produced in Cooperation today between us Modern Seoul Magazine and the Fresh Korean Institute, we both hope you enjoy!

Fresh Korean

At the moment the European Football Championships (Euro2012) are held in Poland and Ukraine, and due to this and because it is sports week at the Fresh Korean Institute we decided to produce this Korean Study Printout which also doubles as some fun Flashcards.

Please either click on the image above for a larger JPG image or Click Here for your FREE PDF Copy: EURO 2012 Teams in Korean

As you can see in the table the only nation who’s name is not the same or similar in Korean as in England, is Germany (독일). Also England can also be said as 영국 (Yong / Guug ) however this is also used to say UK so using (잉글랜드) for England in this context is better.

We hope that you’ve been enjoying the football so far and although the games are being played are a unsociable hour. We would also like to…

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