Over the previous week (July 12-15) the Seoul Auto Salon was been held at the COEX in Gangnam. The Seoul Auto Salon is basically an event in which modified luxury cars are on show as well as other cars related things. As this is a very manly environment of course beautiful Korean models come part in parcel with the event. The entrance fee was a very reasonable W10,000 and that gives you access to all of the activities and areas. Here is a break down of the main highlights of the event: (Admittedly our pictures haven’t come out brilliantly, sorry)

The Cars

Firstly we will look at the main and obviously most important part of the show, the cars. A rough guess is take there were 50+ luxury cars on show, everything for Porsche and BMW to KIA and Hyundai. Nearly all of the cars had been modified in some way, either a custom outside, inside or under the hood. There were also a number of stands offering information and examples of Music Systems, lighting and other car accessories. Here are a few examples:

Porsche Wheel
Drift Racing Car
A mini Formula One style car
A Chevrolet
Pink Girly Car

The Girls

Now it wouldn’t be a car show without some beautiful models posing in front of the cars wearing the company’s brand name. The thing that was a little strange to start with was the fact they often looked quiet uncomfortable at times. But looking at the situation from point of view, having 15 to 20 middle aged guys taking photos of you for an extended period of time it sort of makes sense. Here are a few we took:

Our images are far from perfect, if you want to see some of the pro images please check out this site: http://www.cutekorean.net/

The Activities

Well this is the downside of the event, there are basically none, apart from looking at beautiful yet uncomfortable models and modified cars there is little else to do. There were a number of little shops selling car products and some free drinks (thanks to Starbucks), but that was basically it. You can sit inside some of the cars which is nice but not really anything standout.

Free Starbucks Coffee
A PS3 in the Rear of the Car
Inside a Super Modern Car


An interesting way to spend an hour or two but unless your really into cars or photography, then it doesn’t really offer anything  amazing. Having said that its easily worth the W10,000 entrance fee and if at the same time next year your in Seoul, its well worth checking out.

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