Hooray summer is here and so it’s hot hot hot, the sun is out and therefore the beach is calling. But what if you live in Seoul, Incheon or the rest of Gyeonggi-do? Where can you go apart from traveling down to either Busan or Jeju, or across to Sokcho?

Well the answer is the Airport but not in order to take a flight, but instead to one of a number of beaches around the island. The most popular beach is Eurwangni (을왕리) which is located on the South West corner of the island and is easy to reach.

Here are some pictures of the beach taken just this weekend:

An Old Fishing Boat next to the beach

What is there to do:

Apart from relaxing on the beach there are many different restaurants (most selling Sashimi) plus convenient stores and shops. You can do a little fishing and even banana boating.

A Colorful Restaurant
Mountain Side Restaurant there looks ready to fall over.
Man Fishing
Korean Instant Noodles and Beer
Banana Boating

How to get there:

It of course depends on where you are traveling from however, if you get to Incheon International Airport and then take the Bus numbered #301 or #306 they both take you there. Also you can take the 301 Bus from Gyesan Station (North Incheon) or its starting point in Bucheon.

Here is an address to use in Google Maps: 48-1 Eurwang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea.

A Big Sign right next to the bus stop

For More Information:

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