Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past week you may have noticed that the Olympics have started in London. It’s been an exciting week for the South Korean Team with a number of both highs and lows.

Firstly the overall high point. So far Team South Korea (TeamSK) have collected:

9 Gold Medals: Archery x3, Fencing x2, Judo x2 and Shooting x2

2 Silver Medals: Swimming x2

5 Bronze Medals: Archery x1, Fencing x3 and Judo x1

which leaves the team currently 4th on the overall medal table behind the USA, China and the hosts Great Britain.

Secondly the low points. South Korea high the headlines twice in the past week, Fencer Shin A Lam was so upset after her controversial defeat in her semi final contest she staged a sit-in until being told to leave or face a DQ. Read More here. Next there was a embarrassing displays of 2 women’s badminton doubles teams who both tried to lose there game in order to achieve easier quarter final games. After the shocking and disappointing events both teams plus teams from China and Indonesia where disqualified and sent home. Read More here.

Coming up:

The main event of today (Saturday/Sunday) is the Men’s Football (Soccer) match against the hosts Great Britain.  Information here:

We hope your enjoying the games and we will be continuing to keep you updated via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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