On a recent trip into Insadong for a little culture and window shopping, I came across a number of small stalls selling a number of interesting collectables. I will openly admit that I have little understand of Coin & Banknote collecting or Numismatics, however I do like traveling when you see many old and modern banknote most of which are for only W1000 it’s hard not to find yourself temped.

Here are the different notes a picked up, including an old W100 Korean banknote:

South Korean 100 won Banknote
1 Burmese kyat
200 Kwacha Malawi Banknote
British Armed Forces 5p Special Voucher
Japanese 10 Pesos Banknote
Russian 100 ruble banknote
Tajikistan 10 Ruble
World Banknotes from Insadong Seoul

See you soon

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