It all started out as a fun little phone based video game but over the last few years Angry Birds has exploded into a massive worldwide brand. From pencils and pens to toys to now food and drink. I saw this soda on sell in a local GS25 and thought really? Now you can drink angry birds :). Here is the Red Taurine Ssoda can:

Anyway the drink itself is pretty good, not so sweet and with no bad aftertaste. I would compere it to a UK drink called Dandelion and burdock or maybe a sweet root beer. It also includes a nice 1000mg of Taurine which of course is famously in Red Bull and Cat Food. But unlike Red Bull it is Caffeine Free. Anyway if you see it, it’s worth a try.

Also here is a TV commercial for the Angry Birds Soda here in South Korea:

Have a nice day.

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