Come rain or shine, birthday or Christmas, nearly everyone likes cake along with a mainly summer favorite ice cream. Well in Korea (like many other countries but not including the UK) you can buy a cake made from Ice Cream, an Ice Cream Cake. The best place to buy one is arguably Baskin Robbins.

The cakes are not cheap, the cheapest around ₩18,000 and the most expensive ₩40,000. The one that I bought was ₩22,000 (pictured below), which is similar to the price of a cake from Paris Baguette, Tours Les Jours or any major supermarket in Korea.

Here’s the cake 🙂

Verdict: The cake was very tasty and beautifully designed, however I feel that if you compere it to a cake for a similar price in the UK its a little weak. Overall over-priced but nice for a birthday or for someone with wheat allergies.

Modern Seoul Magazine