Well it’s that day again Pepero Day 빼빼로. On the 11th of November every year Korean give each other Pepero and is similar to Valentines day in western countries. The original or basic Pepero is a biscuit stick 80% covered in Milk Chocolate. Pepero Day is a Commercial Holiday “Hallmark Holiday” as there is little history in the giving on Pepero has they’ve only been around for just short of 30years (Hankyoreh Article Here). Also Pepero Day only started in 1994 (Joongang Article Here).

These days Pepero comes in many different shapes, sizes and flavors. You can get everything from Mini to Giant Pepero. The main 4 flavors are Regular or Chocolate, Strawberry, Almond Chocolate and Nude (with a chocolate center). A normal size box will cost you around ₩1000 ($1).


Here are a few boxes from the original maker Lotte:

Pepero Nude Box
Pepero Original Box

In Korea you can see Pepero on sale everywhere at this time of year, here is just one stall selling Pepero and Pepero products outside 7Eleven.

Pepero Stall outside 7Eleven Incheon, South Korea

Happy Pepero Day

Modern Seoul
Modern Seoul Logo 2013 m

Giant Pepero from 2011