Here are our top 10 South Korean TV Adverts (Commericals) all in one simple Youtube video. More information on the different adverts which we selected can be found below:

Our Top Ten:

10 – Domino’s Pizza

9 – Sudden Attack feat. Suzy (Miss A)

8 – ACE Beds feat. Girls Generation

7 – Denmark Milk feat. Suzy (Miss A)

6 – Cass Light feat. PSY

5 – Caribbean Bay feat. Nichkyun (2pm) & Victoria (fx)

4 – Black Shin Cup feat. IU

3 – Nae Nae Chicken feat. You Jae Seok

2 – KTX feat. Shin Bora & Ailee

1 – Hot 6 Energy Drink

If you can think of any we missed please let us know. Also any other questions or comments would be greatly received.

Modern Seoul Magazine