This is an updated list which includes the 10 must download apps and games for your android device when in South Korea. Many (maybe all) are great wherever in the world you are. There are literally 1,000s of apps and games available for android devices, so here are our top 10 free must downloads with Google play links, just click on the DOWNLOAD LINK;

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10) 신봉선맞고시즌2 (Bong Sun Season 2) (Down 4)


This is the only all Korean game to make the top 10. Sun Bong 2 is based on a traditional Korean game Stop Go a classic card game. This version however is a fun twist on the classic and is simple to play as it shows you which cards can be played but it is hard to master as you often have to decide which card is better. Hours of fun awaits.

9) Instant Buttons (NEW)


This is a great little app which maybe simple but is also fun. With over 250 sounds it can keep you entertained for hours.

8) 네이버지도,교통(버스,지하철) – Naver Maps (Down 4)


This application is the Korean version of Google Maps and this application like Google Maps gives you the street views and more accurate directions you may need. It also can tell you a estimate cost of a taxi which is very useful if you are planning a trip. Downside it’s all in Korean. Also now Google Maps has improved and even includes street maps for much of Seoul, therefore Naver Maps has dropped 4.

7) Instagram (Down 2)


Facebook paid $1Billion for this application earlier this year and so if you still don’t know want all the fuss is about let me try and explain. Instagram is an application which allows you to edit pictures so that they look more arty and polished without the need to upload them to a computer. Then you can publish your images on Twitter, Facebook as well as Instagram itself.

6) 요리왕! Order Up! (New)


This is a great game where you make dishes and work your way up from a burger place to fine dinning. The one downside is the menus are in Korean but it isn’t hard to work things out.

5) Baseball Superstars 2012 (New)


This maybe the best free sports game currently available for the Android, it has great gameplay and an additive story mode. Although the baseball season maybe over this will be a good addition to your phone.

4) Google Translate (Up 3)


This may not be required if you are using a Korean device as most include a dictionary, however if you don’t have a Korean device or want Romanised translations then this is the best application you can download. Google Translate has moved up the list as it’s translations of longer sentences has been improved and so is more reliable.

3) Jihachul or Subway (NEW)


This is the now the best English application for navigating the Seoul Subway system. It can give you a route plan with estimate times, you can view the station timetables in English. It also includes new stations which are coming soon such as the extension into Yeongtong, Suwon. This is a must have application if you are in Seoul but also Busan, Daegu, Daejeon or Gwangju. It is in Korean, English and/or Japanese

2) Angry Birds Star Wars (NEW)


This game replaces Angry Birds Space which previously took up the number 2 spot. It is part of maybe the best and most popular game series available for android devices. Hours upon hours of pig killing bird throwing fun in this new star wars themed version.

1) Kakao Talk (=)


This is simply a free application which allows you to message others of free over a 3G or Wifi network. This application will save you money as you won’t need to text people plus you can easily keep track of your chat. Group chatting is also available and it is all free. You can any even call people , A Must Have!

In Conclusion

I hope you consider downloading some of these applications to enhance your life in South Korea and anywhere else worldwide. Also if there is anything you think should be added to this list please feel free to comment below.

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