In Korea there is a wide range of different alcoholic drinks to choose from. Often overlooked is the Korean rice wine 막걸리 Makkoli (sometimes Makgeolli), made from either fermented Rice, Wheat, Grain or Black Beans. Makkoli has been made in some form or another for over 800years and is maybe the most healthy alcoholic drink you can buy as it has 25 times more anti-carcinogenic substances than wine. It is also cheap costing from as little as ₩800 for a small bottle.

Pictures of Makkoli / Makgeolli:

Here a few few pictures of Makkoli Bottles and Makkoli ready to be drunk:

Enjoying a big bottle of Makkoli at an Incheon United Game

A refreshing bowl of cheap Makkoli.
Makgeolli - Korean Rice Wine
Makgeolli – Korean Rice Wine

How to Make your own & More Information on Makkoli:

A how to make your own Makkoli Video, it’s a little long at over 40minutes but it’s good. So enjoy:

Here is a nice little 7 minute video which explains a little more about Makkoli.

For anyone who missed it last week we tried a great bottle of Makkoli from Busan called Saengtag (생탁) Click here for more info.

Also here is a post about the Traditional way of drinking Makkoli – Brass Makkoli Pot.

Finally we have a Makkoli Cocktail Recipe, Korean Buck’s Fizz – Orange Makkoli Cocktail


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