Recently we went to Gongdeok Market in central Seoul for a little market shop but mainly lunch. Geongdeok Market or 공덕시장 is famous for been a hub for great food and has featured on many Korean programs was famously Running Man. Here is a summary of what we ate, saw and drank.

The Food

Firstly there is a wonderful but slightly overwhelming amount of food on offer, and although most is labeled (in Korean) or obvious, other items are a bit of a mystery. Still after you’ve chosen the different food you’d like you take a seat upstairs in the traditionally styled restaurant. Here are a few pictures of what is on offer as well as the finished product.

The Restaurant

The restaurant we went to is one of many within Gongdeok market, we choose this one due to its traditional styling as well as the positive recommendations from friends who live in the area. You can order extra things to add onto the food you choose downstairs, plus beer, makkoli, soju and other drinks are on offer. Here are a few pictures of the restaurant:

Some interesting art next to the table
Lucky for some…
A menu from the restaurant we chose.
A nice bottle of Makkoli with traditional style bowls


Basically exit Gongdeok subway station out of exit 5 and walk straight forward and you will come across the market within a few minutes. Here is a map if you need further reference plus the rough address is “256-12 Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea“:

from Google Maps

More Information & Closing

Here are a few useful links:

* Korea Joongang Daily Link

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Thank you for your time and we hope if you ever go that you enjoy your lunch at Gongdeok Market. If you have any questions please let us know.

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