Orange Makkoli Recipe 4 - Modern Seoul

At the moment in South Korea it is Orange season, and so wherever you go there are oranges of all sizes for sale. Therefore we thought that in the Orange Season Sprite we would try and make an orange related drink. In the UK there is a drink called Buck’s Fizz which is basically sparkling wine mixed with orange juice, and is popular around Christmas time. So here is our Korean Buck’s Fizz also know as an Orange Makkoli Cocktail.

You will need the following Ingredients:

  • Makkoli
  • Orange Juice (either bottled or freshly squeezed)
  • Sugar
  • Milk

Orange Makkoli Recipe 1 - Modern Seoul

Step by Step Directions:

It is really simple and should take less than a minute to make:

  1. Fill 50-60% of a glass with Makkoli
  2. Then fill 30% will orange juice.
  3. Next fill the rest 10-20% with Milk, this adds a creamier finish
  4. Finally add a spoonful of sugar with takes away some of the bitterness plus creates a few more bobbles.

Orange Makkoli Recipe 2 - Modern Seoul

The End Result:

The finished product is a cheap (less than W1000 or $1 per glass) drink which isn’t to strong and tastes both refreshing and original. Of course you can substitute the orange juice for any other type of juice, and also remove the milk and/or sugar if you like.

Orange Makkoli Recipe 3 - Modern Seoul

We will try and think up some other Korean mix drinks over December which will be prefect for any Christmas parties.

Reminder: Banana + Soju = Modern Seoul Banana Soju Shake

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