This cafe is a prime example of poor translation, and although these days it is less common it does seem a little crazy that this (and other) business owners didn’t check before naming their business. In this case the cafe is called “Cafe Cum” and it shouldn’t take explaining why that name is just a little unfortunate. Another thing is that on Naver Streetmaps (basically a Korean version of Googlemaps) the cafe has a different name so this place is less than a few years old.

Here are a few pictures of the outside, sadly at the time it was closed and so we couldn’t checkout what it was like. However it isn’t anything untoward and it just an unfortunate mistake:

Cafe Cum Incheon South Korea 3

Cafe Cum Incheon South Korea 4

Cafe Cum Incheon South Korea 2

Cafe Cum Incheon South Korea 1

If you want to check it out in person it is located right next to Kkachi Park, Gyesang Dong, Gyeyang Gu, Incheon Si, South Korea. Here is a map:

Cafe Cum Kkachi Park Map

Thanks and please don’t make the same mistake :).

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