Bossom Korean Steamed Pork 1

Bossom or 보쌈  is a simple yet tasty Korean steamed pork dish. In a similar way as both Galbi and Samgyeopsal, Bossom involves wrapping meat in this case steamed pork in a leaf vegetable such as Lettuce, Cabbage or Sesame Leaf. Then adding a little Chilli or Bean paste as well as vegetables and onions or garlic or most normally kimchi.

Most people also enjoy it with rice and other side dishes. In the evenings it is commons to see people also drinking Soju and/or Beer with their Bossam.

Bossom Korean Steamed Pork 2

Bossam can range in price depending on the quality of the meat as well as the side dishes. Location can also play a factor. Here is a advertisement from a popular and averagely priced Bossam Restaurant.

Bossom Advertisment

Here are a couple of short videos about Bossam / 보쌈, the first is about making it and the second is about eating it:


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