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The past few years have seen a small explosion of Self-serve or Buffet all-you-can-eat style restaurants in South Korea focusing on so many things from the normal; Chinese, Sushi & Salad to the more modern and fresh; Meat, Seafood  and even Burgers. Recently I saw a TV advert for a new restaurant called Delitree (델리트리) which is in Gyeyang-Gu, Incheon which offered not just meat but also salad, other western style side dishes plus the Japanese dish Shabu Shabu.

About Delitree Buffet

As already mentioned this is an all you can eat buffet, so within the 2 and a half hour time limit you can eat until you can’t eat no more. Everything apart from Beer, Soju or even Wine is NOT included, but soda, water, juice and/or coffee is. Then you have a wide range of different meats that you cook Galbi or BBQ style. There is also a wide range of salad dishes, Korean side dishes as well as bread. You can also for an extra fee add Shabu Shabu. Finally once you’ve finished your main meal there is a nice selection of fruits, cakes and ice cream.

Price depends a little on time and day (weekends and evening are more expensive) but in general it costs ₩18,000 per person at a peak time and ₩15,000 off peak (between 11.30am and 5pm). The whole place closes at 11.30pm. (all subject to change)

In our opinion it is of a higher standard that Kogi King and similar to Ashley’s Buffet but with less Wine and more meat. If you like meat and salad and you’re really hungry then Delitree is well worth checking out.

Pictures from Delitree Buffet

Delitree Buffet Incheon - Salad Bar Delitree Buffet Incheon - Meat 2 Delitree Buffet Incheon - Meat 1 Delitree Buffet Incheon - Tomato and Cream Chesse Delitree Buffet Incheon - Coffee and Ice Cream Delitree Buffet Incheon - Coffee and Ice Cream 2

2nd Visit:

Delitree Incheon - Meats Delitree Incheon - More Meats Delitree Incheon - Octopus

Directions and Contact Details for Delitree

Delitree is located in Gyesan-Dong, Gyeyang-gu which is in north Incheon, South Korea. I’ve tried my best with this map as well as scanning their business card, but it is close to Gyeyang-gu district office and if you walk south from there towards Emart it is less than 10mins away. It isn’t to hard to see as it is on the ground floor.

Delitree Buffet Incheon - Map 1


This Naver Blog maybe in Korean but shows in great detail what Delitree in Incheon has to offer:

Official Page: Page:


If you have any questions about Delitree or the Gyesan Area in general please feel free to let us know. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Tim & Jeonghye
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